Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Bachelorette Party

Planning your bachelorette party can sound like a walk in the park. For the most part, it is. Here are a few things that you didn't know you needed for...

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Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For Your Bachelorette Party

Planning your bachelorette party can sound like a walk in the park. For the most part, it is. But, with all the pressure behind planning your wedding, many brides give the bachelorette duty to their trusty Maid of Honor.

As a Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid, supporting the bride during all the craziness can seem like a huge responsibility. Planning her bachelorette party doesn’t fail to fall under that category. You might be the girl with a 400+ pinned Pinterest board of ideas, but in case you’re not, here are a few things you probably didn’t know you needed for the bachelorette weekend.

Bachelorette Party Must-Haves:

  • Reservations: Planning to go on any group activities or dinners? RESERVE YOUR SPOT. Even if you’re not 100% sure you’ll be attending the activity, having a secured space is better than finding out everything is fully booked. The last thing you want to do is wait to be seated on a night out in town. Most bachelorette parties are held in major cities, which means major foot traffic. Be ahead of the game with reservations anywhere you plan on going.
  • Hang-Over Kits: It’s all fun and games until Becky can’t go out on the boat Sunday morning after drinking too much the night before. Put hang-over kits in each party goers gift bag to avoid this mess. Including pain meds, ginger candy (good for nausea), electrolyte packets, or mints could be the secret weapon to keeping the party flowing all weekend long without any hiccups.
  • “Buy the Bride a Drink” QR Code wristbands: You’ve all seen that car on the highway with a Venmo screenname on the window and a phrase like, “BUY THE BRIDE A DRINK.” But what happens once you get to town and you’re at the bar? Instead of having an unreliable temporary tattoo or pulling out your phone to scan, get custom wristbands made with your bride's Venmo QR Code printed right on them. This is such a trendy and cute way to access her Venmo easily. PLUS, it makes for a cute keepsake. Fill out our quick quotes form to learn more about how to order these through us.
  • Disposable Cameras: Although we’re in the digital age and everyone has an accessible camera on their phone, disposable film is a classic that will never go out of style. Assign a few cameras to people you can trust to capture the best behind-the-scenes moments. Once you’re back, get the film developed, and make sure to get digital copies. It’s the perfect excuse to host another girl's night and reminisce with a slideshow of all the forgotten images from the bachelorette weekend.
  • A Deck of Playing Cards: It’s time to bring back the days of card games like Kings Cup, Progressive Rummy, and all those other hitters you played in college. Get a customized deck of cards from The RSVP Co. with your bachelorette weekend logo on the cover. It's a perfect way to customize your party and get a sweet memento to bring home.
  • A Bottle Opener: We’ve all been there, right? You bring a fabulous bottle of wine to the party, only to discover your Airbnb or hotel room doesn’t have a bottle opener handy. This calls for unnecessary runs to the drug store or a call down to the lobby (which takes forever to be delivered to the room). Bringing a cute, on-theme bottle opener prevents this issue from happening. Ask The RSVP Co. for themed bottle opener recommendations, or get a custom party theme bottle opener made with us!

  • These are just a few items that sometimes go forgotten with bachelorette planning. Planning the perfect party can be stressful. Sometimes, you can forget to plan and pack the little things like this. Our mission is to ensure that you have the perfect weekend with your best friends. Booking with The RSVP Co. means hiring your virtual bff to plan your party down to every last detail. Fill out our quote form today, and you won’t regret it!

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