Breaking The Mold!

The RSVP Company is here to take the stress out of planning your tailored bachelorette celebration. Let our team be your virtual bff!

The RSVP Co. is a community for brides-to-be looking for unconventional and intentional bachelorette merch and planning. We take the stress out of the planning process to create the most tailored experience for the bride and her besties on her special weekend. Specializing in branding, event planning, and theme coordination, creating pieces you and your friends will wear for years, not just at the bachelorette party.

The brand came about by a happy accident when our founder, Kendal Kopp, was on the hunt for a bachelorette theme that didn't seem cheesy, overdone, and basic and just kept coming up empty handed. That's when she created Bonfires and Bubbly, her very own theme for a winter based bachelorette party.

Friends were swooning over all the custom merch and decor, asking her where she got it! When over and over again she told them she made it herself, they were in disbelief. As her friends started to get engaged, she found herself creating multiple themes and helping with the planning stages for everyone! That's when she had the idea to make it a business.

The RSVP Company is a brand that puts love into each and every detail of the event planning process. We want your party to be taken as the milestone it truly is. It's time to plan the bachelorette party of the year.

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