Trending Bachelorette Party Themes of 2024

We see trends everyday from things like fashion choices, tv shows, travel destinations, all the way to the type of milk we consume. In this blog, we're going to go...

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Trending Bachelorette Party Themes of 2024

We see trends everyday from things like fashion choices, what tv shows to watch, the best travel destinations of the year, all the way to the type of milk we consume. In this blog, we're going to go over the top five bachelorette party theme trends you can expect to see this year. 2024 is all about customization. You're going to see it a lot in birthday party themes, gift favors, wedding welcome bags, and even wedding after parties. People are really leaning into the branding options that many vendors are offering. This is why we think the following five themes, are going to be a big hit this year!


1. BOWS. BOWS. BOWS. BOWS. and did we mention, BOWS?

Bows are all the rage right now in the fashion and wedding industry alike. You're seeing them on things like hair accessories, tee shirt graphics, backs of UGGs, on heels, and even tied around martini glasses or as the big entrance to your venue. We are taking this trend and running with it! With our Semi-Custom Theme, She's Tying The Knot! This is such a fun play on words. The saying is nothing new, but with the new connection for the love of bows, we are happy to say this is one of our new favorites!


2. Themes focused around L-O-V-E!

Coquette style is up and coming, and all over our feed right now. With this style coming into the lime-light, all the romantic digitals and icons are starting to come back in style. Bears, bows, candles, and cupid icons are going to be seen on tons of different bachelorette theme decor! We think this trend has the potential to bring so much wholesome character back into bachelorette planning. A trip away with the girls to savor your friendships, rather than "one last weekend of freedom" (cause hi, you haven't been single for a while). Some custom theme ideas we love for this are Cupid's Last CatchLucky in LoveShe Found Her Perfect Matchand Tattooed Heart.


3. Something Blue

With so many unconventional bridal trends on the rise for weddings, we are seeing a big pull in your "something blue" being your bachelorette party theme. This theme falls in perfectly for both the summer and winter seasons. You can go coastal and have a Mamma Mia theme or play off the popular hit series, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and have a The Summer She Got Married theme. For winter, the classic Cloud 9 or Icy Wifey themes would be a hit. Blue tones all weekend long, with outfits, drinks, gifts, and more!


4. Yeehaw baby, Yeehaw!

Save a horse, ride a cowboy! I think that's how that saying goes, right? The ever so popular Last Ride/Rodeo theme is a classic, and it's likely not going anywhere. But, the decor and typical look of that theme can be a little bit tacky for the 2024 bride. With weekend trips becoming more and more popular in the bachelorette world, we think a weekend away to the countryside could be the new way to embrace the old Nashville night out. Get your best friends together for a weekend away to The Wives Ranch! Horseback riding, spa days, winery tours, casino nights, and hours spent laying by the pool. This sounds like fun, and we wanna be invited.


5. Seasonal Focused Themes

We already saw this a few times in 2023, and we don't think the trend is going to stop. Focusing your party theme around the season it's taking place in is such a cute and different way to come up with a bachelorette party theme. From holiday focus to the season itself, we have SO many ideas for each but we'll give away a few for each right now. For the beginning of the year, Valentines Day. Cupid's Last Catch is our favorite love focused theme. Galentines galore filled with feathers, glitter, love letters, candy, pink color outfits and drinks, and nights at the casino. Approaching the Summer, we'd love to see themes like Nearly Wed Tropics, where you and your girls head to the beach and just sip on piña coladas all weekend long. The fall is the perfect time for glamping, and our favorite theme for that takes a twist on the classic Camp Bachelorette. Making it a little more chic and timeless, Camp Nearly Wed, is all about cabin trips with your best friends, winery tours, campfires, s'mores, and girlhood bonding. End the year with a Christmas themed bachelorette party like Mistletoes and Matrimony. We love this theme! Take your besties to New York City for Santacon and spend a weekend away soaking in the holiday magic.


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